Depression 'increases dependence in stroke patients'

Depression 'increases dependence in stroke patients'

Stroke patients are more likely to be dependent if they are older, depressed or have further medical disorders, according to findings.

Research published in the journal Neurology aimed to investigate whether depression and other such factors affected dependence and function following a stroke.

Of 367 participants who had experienced an ischemic stroke, 174 were diagnosed with post-stroke depression one month after the event. Twenty per cent of patients were found to be dependent after three months.

Study author Arlene Schmid said: "Even if the treatment and improvement of post-stroke depression does not directly influence recovery, it is extremely important for depression to be identified and treated since it is associated with other health and social problems."

Stroke research could get a boost after the structure of human HDL cholesterol, or 'good cholesterol', was discovered by researchers.

This type of cholesterol protects against stroke and heart attack and scientists are hoping they will be able to develop drugs to work in conjunction with the substance in order to combat 'bad cholesterol'.

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