Crusty foods 'could worsen heart conditions linked to diabetes'

Crusty foods 'could worsen heart conditions linked to diabetes'

New research conducted at the University of Illinois (U of I)  has found that eating crusty foods may worsen heart conditions linked to diabetes.

Karen Chapman-Novakofski, a U of I professor of nutrition, stated avoiding cooking methods that produce crusts could help patients to avoid heart conditions.

"We see evidence that cooking methods that create a crust - think the edge of a brownie or the crispy borders of meats prepared at very high temperatures - produce advanced glycation end (AGE) products," she said, explaining these are associated with plaque formation, which is the kind doctors see in cardiovascular disease.

Professor Chapman-Novakofski has therefore advised individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes to avoid consuming products containing AGEs, due to the possibility it could worsen the cardiovascular complications of the condition.

It was recently claimed by research led by the University of Leicester that an individual's chances of developing heart disease or diabetes could increase through extended periods of sitting down.

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