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19 May 2018

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"My dad has been really well cared for. We are kept informed of any changes whilst covid-19 is here and we've been able to keep in touch with my dad via phone and WhatsApp which meant a lot to his family. Staff have been excellent in caring for my dad. Excellent facilities, my dad has been on some outings i.e. pub lunches which my mum was invited to. Keep up the good work."

K Scarehome.co.uk rating: 4.5 out of 5

"I find the staff extremely pleasant, friendly, and efficient, and look after my wife really well. Although it is difficult to communicate or understand her, I think it is clear she is happy at the home and that is down to the care and love she receives. Thank you so much."

P Mcarehome.co.uk rating: 3.83 out of 5

"The whole team is very supportive of the patient and the family. During the COVID-19 they have been so dedicated to the patients and it is heartwarming. As visiting has not been allowed I ring regularly to check on the situation with my husband and the staff are always willing and cheerfully update on his progress. Excellent."

D Wcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.5 out of 5

"Mum has continued to receive excellent care since she moved here last year. Staff deal with mum's constant mood swings really well. Mum is given every opportunity to make her own decisions where possible and is given lots of choices as regards activities - albeit she finds it difficult to focus for any length of time. In the current pandemic, staff have gone above and beyond any normal expectations. The management and staff team are amazing."

L Pcarehome.co.uk rating: 5 out of 5

"I feel extremely comfortable knowing that my wife is being cared for in a happy, well-staffed and completely run environment. The quality of this organisation is an exemplar to the care homes in this area. Well done!"

James Acarehome.co.uk rating: 5 out of 5

"More than happy with everything at Forest. The staff are caring, friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The home is clean and welcoming. No offensive smells like in other care homes that I have visited. The staff are very attentive to the resident's personality and needs."

Denise Wcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.83 out of 5

"Cannot fault the care provided for my father. As a family, we have peace of mind knowing dad couldn't be better cared for. Thank you."

Margaret Scarehome.co.uk rating: 5 out of 5

"I feel very comfortable knowing that my wife is in a safe environment being well looked after. The staff are caring, well trained and also sensitive to the residents needs."

James Acarehome.co.uk rating: 4.67 out of 5

"I find the staff caring and respectful of my husband's needs. He has been fairly settled since he came to live here. Everyone has been very kind to me and my family and I feel happy that my husband is being well cared for as he can be very difficult at times."

Ann Mcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.75 out of 5

"Today I enjoyed a lunchtime meal here in the foyer with my mother. The broccoli was cooked perfectly as neither over or undercooked. The rest of the meal was also very good and my mother enjoyed hers too. On some occasions, this has not been the case and I have seen her leave more than she ate. The coffee machine is brilliant when working but has been awaiting repair for more than a month and apparently will be replaced. Pity, it was not fixed."

Diane Wcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.25 out of 5

"All staff are excellent, caring and friendly and loving to all residents. A very tough job to do for carers and domestic staff. Thank you to all. Food was excellent and kitchen staff helpful and caring."

Ena Wcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.5 out of 5

"Visited on several occasions and always found it to be very relaxing and a friendly environment with caring staff and happy residents. l’m fully aware of the complexity of some of the residents, however, this is not evident when visiting the home as the staff are very skilled and have everything under control. The reception area is very pleasant to enjoy coffee and cake. I’ve attended recent activities within the home which has been very enjoyable, the home is a credit to the company. Well done everyone at Forest."

Lynette Bcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.58 out of 5

"My husband has vascular dementia and I'm extremely pleased with the care given to him. Living locally I'm finding it easy to visit daily, and I find an experienced caring team helping to make the patients as comfortable as possible and I'm very pleased to feel comfortable when I go home."

Megan Lcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.8 out of 5

"My husband has vascular dementia and I'm extremely pleased with the care given to him. Living locally I'm finding it easy to visit daily, and I find an experienced caring team helping to make the patients as comfortable as possible and I'm very pleased to feel comfortable when I go home."

Megan Lcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.8 out of 5

"Excellent care and facilities."

J Tcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.67 out of 5

"I have always found the home clean and welcoming. Staff are always very friendly and treat the residents with dignity and respect. The food looks very tasty and staff always bring drinks to the residents and guests on request."

Joan Scarehome.co.uk rating: 4.3 out of 5

"I know my mother is very happy at this care home, she is well cared for by the excellent caring staff. Mother loves it when the carers play dominoes with her. The food is of good quality and varied. Always clean and well kept in all areas of the home. Love the reception area where we can go for coffee and cake and play cards or dominoes. Many thanks."

Kay Ecarehome.co.uk rating: 4.58 out of 5

"This care home is brilliant! My Dad was here and this became "his" home, we were welcomed as a family. The staff are fantastic and supportive, nothing is too much trouble. The home is very clean and the rooms are light, airy and comfortable with plenty of space. Our Dad had late stage Alzheimer's disease and having him at Barchester was definitely the right home for him. We can't thank the staff enough for what they did. Our Dad was very looked after and was treated with respect and dignity. The activities coordinator is brilliant and the special Valentines day was especially really lovely! The food at Barchester is really good and the café at the entrance is a lovely touch, somewhere we could take Dad with his grandchildren for coffee, cake and some time alone. The last days of Dad's life were filled with constant visits from the caring staff, I can't praise them enough! This home is a wonderful example of what care is all about."

Laura Scarehome.co.uk rating: 4.58 out of 5

"Had excellent care in this home. Staff are caring and informative."

Megan Lcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.5 out of 5

"Please repair the Bravilor Bonomat - it makes such a difference to visiting. Also, it doesn't feel right not to have the reception area staffed at weekends."

C Tcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.64 out of 5

"My mother has lived at the Forest for 2 and a half years and has been happy most of this time. More activities would be appreciated but it is understandable that with many residents having dementia, involving groups into set games or craft sessions is very difficult. The rooms are very good and my mum loves her patio door."

D Wcarehome.co.uk rating: 4 out of 5

"My sister went into Barchester Forest Care Centre and they are ok with her. They keep her busy which I like and she settled in within a few days."

Steven Lcarehome.co.uk rating: 5 out of 5

"I have a controlling, private, dignified husband who requires careful, handling having been self-employed and bringing up 4 children likes to feel in control. The staff respect that, I live locally so it's easy for me to "pop" in daily. At no time have I seen anything but kindness. I'm grateful for the care at Barchester Forest Care Centre as they also make me feel welcome and thank you."

Megan Lcarehome.co.uk rating: 4.92 out of 5

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