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Our trained team of professionals work together to create the best possible experience for those living in the home, striving to deliver excellent care services in a warm, homely environment. You can find out more about some of our wonderful staff members below:

Charles Gilmour Sadler

General Manager

Hi, my name is Charles and I am the General Manager here at Corrina Lodge. Welcome to our website!

I started working in healthcare in 1998 for a company that supported adults with disabilities, and I worked for them for 13 years in various roles. I then became the Operations Manager for a company that ran residential homes and led them to an outstanding rating. I was later a regional manager for a national charity, supporting people with disabilities and those with a history of substance abuse. I started in elderly care by running a 90 bed nursing home and, most recently, a regional role that took me far from home. I’m a father of two little girls and happily married living in Sherfield on Loddon.

I genuinely care for the people we support. I’m always seen around the home and I like to get to know residents and staff alike. I like to run a fun home, where residents and staff enjoy themselves on a daily basis. Care is serious, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be enjoying what we do. I’m open, honest and always approachable. 

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Karen Penny

Clinical Lead & Deputy Manager

Hello, I'm Karen and I'm the Clinical Lead and Deputy Manager here at Corrina Lodge.

Before joining Corrina, I was an Oncology Nurse. I now enjoy leading the care and nursing team here and I especially enjoy the homely feel. I am very proud of the relationships built between residents and team members here. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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Sherry Work

Ground Floor Team Leader

Hi, my name is Sherry and I've worked here for over 8 years. I started as a Carer, then was promoted to a Senior Carer and I'm now the Ground Floor Team Leader. 

I lead a brilliant team and I personally pride myself on managing my floor, supporting residents in a person-centred environment and ensuring that the well-being and happiness of those we support are of paramount importance. I have also built up excellent relationships with our visiting friends and families. 

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Pauline Bowles


Hello, my name is Pauline and I am the Administrator here at Corrina Lodge. I've worked here since 2006 and enjoy my role so much – it’s always varied and interesting! 

It's always a pleasure meeting and supporting residents and their loved ones – I work closely with them all.  

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Care homes and elderly care from Barchester Healthcare

Sharon Rickman

Activities Coordinator

Hi, my name is Sharon, and I'm part of the activities team here at Corrina Lodge and have worked here for over 20 years. I thoroughly enjoy my job and have achieved an NVQ Level 3 in Activities whilst working here. During my time here, I have met some truly amazing people and I feel privileged to work in a home with such a sense of community.

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Gina Priest

Activities Coordinator

Hi, my name is Gina and I am part of the activities team here at Corrina Lodge. I really enjoy my role supporting residents one-to-one or as part of a large group. 

Every day is different here; we organise a wide and varied person-centred program of activities and events. 

Care homes and elderly care from Barchester Healthcare

Melanie Stubbs

Activities Coordinator

Hello, my name is  Mel and I am one of the Activities Coordinators here at Corrina Lodge. I have been here for over 5 years and can honestly say that I love my role. 

I have met some truly amazing residents and some wonderful families. I delight in facilitating interesting and relevant group activities and events, but also spending one-to-one time with residents, simply listening, talking, or even pampering. 

Corrina Lodge has a brilliant sense of a community, and I particularly pride myself on making sure that residents, friends and their families feel welcome here when visiting. 

I look froward to meeting you.

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Amanda Webster Robbins


Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm the Receptionist here at Corrina Lodge. I started here as a volunteer in 2013 and, after a year, I was offered the role of Receptionist. 

Previously, I spent 41 years working with the Metropolitan Police and was able to transfer my skills to the care sector.

I love being able to support others and using my person-centred counselling skills for the benefit of residents and their loved ones.

I'm proud to work here alongside my professional colleagues. I like to stay and help at fantastic events, as I can then spend more time with residents and their families. 

When I'm not at Corrina Lodge I keep myself very busy, as I am President of Camberley Diamond Women’s Institute.

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Frank Fatura

Head Chef

Hi, my name is Frank and I am the Head Chef here at Corrina Lodge,

Care homes and elderly care from Barchester Healthcare

Sandip Shrestha

Maintenance Manager

Sandip joined us in June 2018 as our Maintenance Engineer. Sandip is a biomedical scientist by profession and we are delighted that he has returned to work with us here at Corrina Lodge.

Care homes and elderly care from Barchester Healthcare

Jan Schab

Head Housekeeper

Care homes and elderly care from Barchester Healthcare

Michelle Llaguno

Team Leader & Trainee Care Practitioner

Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a Team Leader & Trainee Care Practitioner here at Corrina Lodge. I have worked here for over 10 years, starting as a Carer and progressing to a Team Leader.  

Currently, I am undertaking the Care Practitioners Award – the first staff member here to do this. I also mentor and coach all of our new carers. 

I lead an amazing team and we all work well together to support the wonderful residents. 

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Residents adore our PAT dog, Woody. He's big, soft and fluffy – nobody can resist him! Woody comes to visit weekly with his wonderful owner, Lisa. They visit many residents in their rooms or whilst they're relaxing around the home. It's so lovely watching someone's face light up when they see him, or stroke his beautiful, soft fur.

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