Meet the Cookridge Court Care Home Team

Our staff are what hold the home together. Each one of these team members are dedicated to providing high quality care and services to those we support, and ensuring that residents enjoy all aspects of life at our home. See below to meet some of our friendly faces:

Karen Francis

General Manager

Hi, my name is Karen, and I am the General Manager here at Cookridge Court. Welcome to our website!

I joined the home in January 2018. The first part of my career was spent with the NHS as a trauma nurse and nurse manager. I moved into the private sector in 2010 ago and have enjoyed every second since then. The provision of gold standard care to our residents is my passion and, here at Cookridge Court, we strive to deliver this every single day. I believe it is a privilege to be able to work with such a conscientious, caring and compassionate team who never fail to put the residents first.    

Vicki Foster

Deputy General Manager

Hi, my name is Vicki and I have worked at Cookridge Court since October 2015, I have had a good progressive career, beginning as a care assistant and eventually progressing to a senior care assistant, team leader to my most recent post as Deputy General Manager. I love every aspect of my role, I am dedicated, hardworking  and compassionate, I believe in establishing good relationships with residents, their families and other health professionals. My Team and I are committed to delivering a high quality, person centered care ensuring excellence every day.

Sujala Gurung

Unit Lead

I joined the Cookridge Court family in 2014 as a Care Assistant, In which I then progressed to a Senior Care Assistant in 2018, then finally reaching my current position as a Unit Lead in 2019. I absolutely love my job ensuring all my residents get given the highest standards of care. I always go above and beyond for each individual I care for, always making sure I leave with them having a smile on their faces. I see everyone as my extended family and I love to learn and better myself professionally and personally.

Amanda Hughes

Unit Lead

My name is Amanda Hughes and I am a Unit Lead at Cookridge Court. I have been at Cookridge Court since 2017, which I started as a carer, progressing onto a Senior Care Assistant and finally working my way up to my current post as Unit Lead. I became a carer as I wanted a new career path and once, I started I wished that I had been doing this job from the very beginning. Since working at Cookridge Court I have strived in gaining as much knowledge and experience as I can and I continue to learn new things every day.

Sharna Neal

Dementia Head of Unit

Sharna joined the team in September 2021.

Sharna has over 4 years experience in the care industry, mainly specialising in Dementia care. Sharna has undergone a variety of different Dementia training and has a strong passion for supporting those living with Dementia. 

Sharna is delighted to be part of the team at Cookridge Court to provide the best care and support for our residents and families. 

Mark Shelton

Customer Relationship Manager

Mark has been a part of the Barchester family since 2014.

Having come into the company as a Care Assistant, later a Senior Carer, he then moved onto Activities, becoming Senior Activities for the North Yorkshire area and now as a Customer Relationship Manager.

Marks passion has always been found in wanting to better the lives our residents and to help them find and enjoy new experiences. taking great pride in supporting our homes and being there for our residents and families.

Within his role Mark supports our home with Community Engagement, building relationships with groups and charities in the area and supporting our wonderful activities teams with their home events.

Su-Ellen Iley

Team Leader - Nights

Hi, my name is Su-Ellen and I am a Senior Care Assistant. I started at Cookridge Court in 2017 as a care assistant. I am driven by my passion for giving high quality Dementia care and consider the residents of Cookridge Court to be my extended family. Nothing gives me a better sense of achievement than knowing I have helped to brighten someone's day by going that extra mile. I'm also incredibly proud of the team I work with, the love and dedication they show for the people we care for, especially in this past year, has been nothing short of incredible.

Lynsey Robinson


I joined the Cookridge Court family in 2016 as a Host where I served breakfast, lunch and evening meal to our residents, as well as morning and afternoon tea rounds.

In 2021 I decided to change my career within Cookridge Court and took on my current position as Home Administrator and formerly Home Receptionist.

I really love what I do, meeting and greeting everyone and I am always happy to help with any queries anyone has.

Laura Marshall

Head Activities Coordinator (on Maternity leave)

My name is Laura and I am the Head Activities Coordinator here at Cookridge Court. I have worked in care since 2014 and get so much satisfaction out of knowing I have made a difference to people’s days and have filled the home with a sense of community and happiness. We have created a wonderful culture within our home and we work together to give residents the best possible experience. We are here to ensure that residents enjoy an environment that is both stimulating and socially active and ensure we all know each residents' preferences so that we can deliver a person-centered program of events and activities. The strong relationships we build with our residents, their families and friends is essential to our homely feel.

Sinead Ruddock

Head Chef

Hi, my name is Sinead, I am the Head Chef here at Cookridge Court. I started out as a catering assistant in 2016 before I worked my way up to assistant chef, then to Second Chef and in 2019 I became Head Chef at the home.

I have a passion for food and love creating new dishes for our residents to enjoy.

Tim Green

Maintenance Manager

Hi, my name is Tim and I have worked at Cookridge Court since 2015. I started as a Maintenance Assistant and have recently been promoted to Maintenance Manager. I am always happy to help and love having a chat with the residents.

Paula Dunham

Head Housekeeper

I started here at Cookridge court in 2015 in the domestic department and have worked my way up to my current position in 2021 as head housekeeper. I work alongside a dedicated team of domestics to ensure our residents home is clean, tidy and smelling delightful. Coming to work and spending time with our residents to make sure we are doing everything that they need us to do is a highlight of my day and I hope to be here for many more years.


Resident Ambassador

Rose came to Cookridge Court at the beginning of 2023 and quickly made it her home, she says that right away she knew this was the right home when she realised Jane her hairdresser was a part of the team. 

She speaks with warmth how she was made to feel welcome from the moment she arrived and how nice and kind everyone is to her. 

Rose grew up on a farm in the country and then later moved around the country with her husband before settling together in Cheshire, later Rose returned to West Yorkshire to be closer to her family.

Rose enjoyed and has fond memories of going on country walks around and over the dales and in the Scottish Highlands. she speaks about the fun times she had going on cruised in Barbados and America.

Chelsea Longley

Senior Carer

Chelsea joined the Cookridge family in early 2024 and quickly became a much thought of member of the team, working as one of the homes senior carers.

She speaks about the great team within the home and how everyone looks after one another, how the home is one big family. 

Chelsea says she loves to spend time with our residents and enjoys getting to know them. 

Away from the home, Chelsea loves to spend time with her family and her children.


Activities Coordinator

Libby has been a part of the Cookridge Court family since 2014. starting as a care assistant for 7 years, Libby then found her calling as an activities coordinator delivering our life enrichment program. 

She speaks passionatlely about how much she enjoys delivering activities, giving our residents lives meaning and allowing them to share in new experiences. 

Away from the home, Libby is hugely active and enjoys playing tennis, going swimming and enjoying her family holidays in Spain.


Housekeeping Assistant

Subi joined the Cookridge family in 2023 and is a part of our much valued team of housekeepers in the home. 

She speaks highly of the family feeling in the home and being proud to be a part of Barchester. 

Subi says she takes great pleasure and pride in keeping Cookridge tidy and homely for our residents.

Away from the home, Subi enjoys reading and travelling.


Kim has been a part of the team at Cookridge Court since 2022 and is a much valued member of our housekeeping team. 

She speaks highly of the friendly the team is within the home and the feeling that the home is truly 'one team' working together for the benefit of our residents. 

Away from the home Kim loves to spend time with her 9 grandchildren. 6 of whom live next door with her.

Jane Cashman


My name is Jane Cashman and I am the hairdresser here at Cookridge Court. I started here in 2021 and have over 17 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. I am here at Cookridge Court on a Tuesday and Friday and I look forward to coming here every week to pamper the lovely residents that reside here. I really feel like part of the family and getting to know the residents has been a highlight of my career. I look forward to many more years here at Cookridge.


Chief Canine Officer

Hi, I’m Bentley.. Your friendly neighbourhood sausage dog!

Or you can address me by my new official title.. CCO of Cookridge Court. (Chief Canine Officer)

I first came to Cookridge Court in February 2024, I originally just came for the free food, however I stayed to support my new humans. I quickly realised they needed a dog just like me.

Rest assured, your people are in my safe paws. I have an open cage policy so please feel free to say hello when you pop by and bring treats I can be bribed with anything…. Except Sausages!!!!