Meet the Canmore Lodge Care Home Team

Our trained team of professionals work together to create the best possible experience for those living in the home, striving to deliver excellent care services in a warm, homely environment. You can find out more about some of our wonderful staff members below:

Kimberley Laird

Commercial Manager

Hi, my name is Kimberley and I am the Registered Commercial Manager here at Canmore Lodge.

Thank you for taking the time to look further into what we have to offer to you or your loved one.

I have been with Canmore Lodge since 2011 where I joined the team as a Carer. I then went on to join the Admin team in 2016 as an Administrative Assistant before being promoted to Administrator in 2017. I now find myself as the Registered Commercial Manager which has been a great achievement. I am passionate about the home and the team we have here at Canmore Lodge.

I am devoted to making a positive difference to peoples' lives and ensuring that those we support at the home can live as comfortably as possible.

I look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Sharon Batchelor

Clinical Manager

I have worked within both the NHS and private sectors as a staff nurse, charge nurse and deputy manager. I moved to Strachan house in January 2017 as the Unit Nurse Manager and joined Canmore Lodge in July 2018 as the Deputy Manager, now Clinical Manager. My passion is dementia care and the Memory Lane unit within the home is an excellent environment to enhance the quality of care for those we support.

Angela Cairney

Memory Lane Community Manager

I have worked within Canmore for many years, initially came on board agency nurse. I have worked in many different environments and found Canmore Lodge to be the place I wanted to work.

Angie Gonzales

Elderly Frail Community Manager

Angie is the manager for our elderly frail community and has worked at Canmore Lodge since 2004.

Angie is very well liked by all our residents and relatives. Her aim is to deliver the best possible care for all residents and promote compassion and independence in the home.

Nasreen, Corey and Margaret

Activities Team

Welcome to our activity team here at Canmore Lodge. Nasreen, Corey and Margaret bring with them loads of different strengths to compliment our activities for our residents wellbeing here at Canmore Lodge

Davis Mathai

Head Chef

Hello, my name is Davis and I am Head Chef at Canmore Lodge here in Dunfermline. We pride ourselves in making sure our residents enjoy and receive the meals that they want to eat. Spicy food and home baking always goes down a treat!

Lynn Livingstone

Head Housekeeper

My name is Lynn and I am the Head Housekeeper at Canmore Lodge. Part of my role at Canmore Lodge is overseeing the laundry and domestic team and ensuring the environment is kept clean and homely. As I go around all areas in Canmore, I get the pleasure of forming therapeutic relationships with our residents and their loved ones.

Pamela Davidson

Admin Assistant

Pamela is new in post at Canmore Lodge and is part of our administration team that supports our residents, relatives and staff.

Adele Brockie

Relative Embassador

Adele’s mum lives in Canmore Lodge and she advocates within the Canmore Lodge for our residents and going forward our relatives. She is a regular at relatives meetings and our dementia café

Margaret Bastianelli

Resident Ambassador

Margaret takes an active part in our life enrichment programme and the homes resident forum. Margaret is the voice of the resident group and as an Ambassador will meet with our residents to find out their values, feedback and any ideas for  improvement. Margaret will also take part in the recruitment process by being part of the interview panel and plays an important part in introducing new residents to the home.

Lucy fairgrieve

Care Practitioner

I have worked at Canmore Lodge since 2015 and progressed through several different roles from care assistant to senior care assistant and now as a care practitioner. I have developed my skills in both units and support the team in Memory lane community at present.

Carolyn Bell

Care Practitioner

Over the thirteen years I have worked at Canmore Lodge I have gathered skills that have benefited residents, staff and myself to become palliative champion and support the team in my role as care practitioner.

Baillie Keenan

Care Practitioner / Dementia Champion

Baillie is a care practioner in Memory Lane community and leads the care team as Dementia champion within Canmore Lodge

Claire Mcdonald

Senior Care Assistant / Dignity Champion

Hi, I am the Dignity champion in Canmore Lodge and support the team as senior care assistant in Memory lane community having gained transferrable skills in my role as care assistant. Dignity plays a part in all our roles at Canmore Lodge.

Gail McConville

Senior Carer / Namaste Champion

Gail works as a senior care assistant within Canmore and has developed her knowledge in Namaste which empowers her to support the team as Namaste champion.

Rosalin Curle

Senior Carer

Rosalind has brought to Canmore Lodge a wealth of experience and skills having previously trained as adult and mental health nursing over 39 years within the NHS. Since retiring Rosalind has returned to Canmore to support the team with her knowledge.

Adeni Rutter


I relocated to Scotland from England. I was a Facilities Assistant at Birmingham University for many years before joining the team at Canmore. I enjoy spending time with the Residents and supporting the home in any way I can.

Gordon Pennycook


I am a Joiner to trade and have worked in various property roles throughout my career. I joined the team at Canmore in 2019 as a Housekeeping Assistant before moving into the maintenance team.

Yee Lam Lee

Music Therapist

Yee joined the team at Canmore in 2023 and is our music therapist. Yee delivers one to one and group therapy sessions and residents are really taken with her can do attitude.

Joanne Craig


Hi my name is Jo. I have been a physiotherapist within the NHS for a long time prior to moving over to the private sector. I review residents mobility in the home and run specific exercise classes to promote movement within the home.