Meet our Activities Coordinator, Karen Dillon

Karen Dillon is our Head of Activities and has worked within the home since 2005, starting out as a Carer. Karen is very outgoing and full of fun. She has many hobbies, with arts & crafts being her favourite, and her passion for this can be seen in the activities she arranges.

Karen’s is supported by, Sharon McArthur and between them, they ensure that residents are happy and have loads of fun.

They are very keen to involve the residents in the decision making within the home to enhance their experience. They take part in the residents' meetings, catering forums and assist the General Manager in interviewing new staff members.

Activities at Balclutha Court

At Balclutha Court our resident’s happiness is extremely important to us. We all know that a large part of this is keeping active and continuing to enjoy your interests and hobbies. At Balclutha Court, we have regular activities including arts and crafts, music, entertainment, trips to local attractions such as canal trips, safari parks and many more. Our activities team are always busy organising events, entertainment and excursions with the broadest possible appeal and many of our residents see living at Balclutha Court as an opportunity to develop a new skill or interest. It is important to us that each individual who we support can get as much from these as possible, so we try our best to arrange activities that reflect their interests and capabilities as best as possible, and encourage them to participate in any way they can. We also encourage relatives to join with activities and events as often as they can.

Life at Balclutha Court Care Home

Residents enjoy 'Flat Stanley'

Residents have enjoyed taking part in a project from across the pond called “Flat Stanley”. Flat Stanley belongs to a little girl in Utah who has been doing a school project, learning all about maps & how they are used to find places all over the world.

The character is from a story book that likes to travel all over the world. He has been touring Inverclyde, getting his picture taken in different local tourist spots & came to meet the lovely residents at Balclutha Court this week.   Once all the pictures have been printed he will make his way back on his travels to Cherry Creek Kindergarten, Springville, Utah.

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Farewell Scott

Scott came to stay at the start of the pandemic and is now moving on to pastures new. In his short time here, Scott made many friends that will miss him greatly, and this was recognised by the lovely afternoon that they had with him to say goodbye.

Visiting Suite brings joy to Residents

Residents are overjoyed at Balclutha Court as Barchester Healthcare has implemented a visiting suite for residents to continue to spend time with their loved ones for the autumn and winter seasons in addition to the outdoor visiting that has been on offer for those able for many months.

Balancing resident wellbeing and safety is at the forefront of Barchester Healthcare’s thinking and they understand how important it is for residents and their family and friends to be able to spend time together in the safest way possible.

There has been much careful planning and preparation for this moment by Barchester Healthcare, who run Balclutha Court care home. It was welcome news for their residents and family and friends as we enter the colder season meaning catch-ups can continue to take place, instead of, or in addition to, outdoor visiting already offered for those able.

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Christmas Baking

Our lovely cake was designed and baked by our very talented Katrina here at Balclutha Court for the Barchester Christmas Cake Competition.


Christmas crafts - wreath making

Christmas crafting was a big hit with the residents at Balclutha Court as they created and personalised their own festive wreaths using an array of colourful paper, felt and ribbons.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the home as their creations now adorn the doors!  Seasonal greetings from all at Balclutha Court.

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Arts and craft creativity

The ladies at Balclutha Court have enjoyed an afternoon of creativity in designing and personalising cosmetic bags fort all their beauty products.  Arts and crafts is one of the many popular activities in the homes life enrichment programme.  Everyone was delighted with the finished results!