Walking 'popular form of exercise for seniors'

Walking 'popular form of exercise for seniors'

Walking is popular with older people, according to one expert, making it a good way to exercise for those who may wish to find a care home.

Emma Soames, editor-at-large for Saga Magazine, explained that people who go walking are not risking hurting themselves, as they might with other activities, and that doing so briskly can raise the heart rate.

"Other exercises which the over-60s are doing include swimming and cycling, but the big winner is walking," she continued.

This follows research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine which found that martial art T'ai Chi has particular health benefits for older people, indicating older people looking to find a care home should take up the exercise.

T'ai Chi was found to help prevent falls and improve mental wellbeing but seemed to be ineffective in terms of treatment of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

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