Tips on how to keep smiling all year round

No matter how positive or cheery someone is, the aging process can often be a source of a bad mood and as we reach our twilight years it’s easier to feel disgruntled and even a little more grumpy. As our muscles start to ache and we have a little less energy – off days become more frequent, particularly during the dreary winter months. It is a good idea to have a few ways to lift yourself or a loved one back up again during these times – here are some of our favorites!

Listen to Some Great Music

Music is great for a number of reasons – whether you want to get up and dance or just sit back and reminisce, music can be absolutely magical. We’re strong believers in the power of music to those suffering with dementia, so much so that we run music therapy sessions in some of our care homes in the belief that everyone can respond to music, no matter how young or old. It can be one of the easiest ways to put a smile on a loved ones’ face, so get hunting for those old tapes and CDs – there’s nothing better than hearing your favorite song from decades ago.

Eat and Drink

We’re always stressing the importance of exercise – and we know that you may not feel like training for a marathon or swimming across the channel, but even something as light as a ten minute walk can make the world of difference. In all of our care homes we provide activities including exercise and light gardening; two of the ways you can keep moving and make sure you’re always feeling great. Whether or not you are able to exercise – the importance of a variety of foods from all food groups is still relevant and becomes more important to someone as they age, as their nutrient needs rise. Make sure you are eating well if you want to feel the best you can, and if you’re feeling down why not have your favorite meal for dinner? Thankfully, at Barchester we recognise the importance of diet and ensure all meals are delicious as well as able to reflect all residents’ likes and dislikes.

Keep positive company

As someone reaches the older stages of their life, it can become easier to feel isolated and lose the motivation to remain socially active – but it shouldn’t be! Life with Barchester is different. Whilst you already know that we encourage a great diet and offer exercise – you probably don’t know about the great social opportunities available to our residents. In a Barchester care home, you can expect to find our guests participating in art clubs, news quizzes, baking and arts and crafts – as well as going on trips and visits within the local area. We’ve always got a smile on our face! We deliver high quality dementia care, so don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our care homes near you to find out more about how you can ensure your loved ones have the best retirement imaginable.