Choosing a care home - 10 reasons not to put off the search

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Making the decision of putting a loved one in a care home is never easy. The planning and logistics involved can leave a person wanting to avoid it at all costs. Today we will go over 10 quick reasons why you should not put off searching for a care home when the moment is right.

Although it might seem overwhelming, it is better to prepare for this moment sooner rather than later to allow the time necessary to get everything ready without a rush.

  1. Social isolation – loneliness is possibly one of the main reasons people change their settings and move into a care home. The long-term effect of social isolation can mean a shortened lifespan.
  2. Dementia symptoms – living alone means that symptoms can go unnoticed for long periods of time and with sensitive cases, it is best to ensure care is available when needed.
  3. Household hazards – ageing can bring on a completely new set of challenges and even the smallest tasks around the house can provide a certain risk. Care homes minimise the risk of these threats to a person’s safety.
  4. Housekeeping – even the smallest tasks can become a burden during later stages of life.
  5. More options – pre-planning allows you to explore various options and choose what you believe to be more suitable for the care required and what the care home offers.
  6. Health monitoring – care homes offer regular check-ups and constant health monitoring ensuring a total coverage and knowledge of your loved ones’ medical status.
  7. Medication management – having someone control the medication process can prove beneficial, especially to ensure that no medication is forgotten and correct doses are given.
  8. Correct nutrition – many residential care homes offer extensive nutrition programmes designed to give correct and balanced nutrition that will guarantee a well-balanced lifestyle.
  9. Safety – far too often, the news covers stories of people taking advantage of people later in life and some even feel insecure in their own homes. Care homes can offer that added security and allow residents to not fear for their personal safety.
  10. Social activity – care homes offer many different options for daily activities, which are extremely important to keep people active. Searching early on allows you to choose and find out which care facility can offer the best option.

The implications of delaying the search for a care home for a loved one can prove to be serious and it is safer to consider all the options, although one is most likely to be inclined to remain in their own home. Finding the correct care home can be a lengthy process, therefore it is best to take your time to have the peace of mind, knowing your loved one is taken care of. 

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