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UK fire services pledge to tackle dementia

UK fire services pledge to tackle dementia
14th September 2012

Fire services across the country have made a pledge to help tackle dementia, by raising awareness, promoting home adaptations and working to create communities that can support those with the condition.

It is hoped that all 49 services in England and Wales will make this commitment and 14 have already signed up.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service is among them and is part of a "Champion Group" that includes Lloyds TSB, Eon, First Group and BT.

The group has been set up to work towards more dementia-friendly communities and is led by the Alzheimer's Society.

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the charity, commented: "Whether in an emergency or in routine safety checks for vulnerable people, firefighters have a vital part to play in protecting and supporting people with dementia."

Therefore, it makes sense for services to be a part of the fight against the condition, to enable more reactive responses, he continued.

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