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Stress 'can lead to further health problems'

Stress 'can lead to further health problems'
18th August 2011

Families trying to find a care home for their elderly relatives could make a peaceful setting a top priority following comments that stress can aggravate health issues.

According to Neil Shah, director of the Stress Management Society, the body produces certain chemicals, such as adrenalin and cortisol, when it feels it is being threatened as part of the fight or flight response.

However, if the perceived threat is continuous, leading to ongoing stress, these chemicals can remain in the system and cause problems with the proper working of the body, which may lead to a deterioration of health.

Mr Shah explained that they can lead to "disruption of bodily functions such as the digestive system, growth and reproductive systems and can lead to a wide spectrum of health impacts".

Lili Hoag, senior policy and communications officer at Counsel and Care, recently suggested that it is also "incredibly important" that people using home care due to mobility problems are allowed to retain some independence.

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