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Social care 'being transformed by telecare'

Social care 'being transformed by telecare'
29th November 2012

Social care is being transformed by the introduction of telecare in the UK.

Chief executive of telehealthcare technology and services provider Tunstall Gil Baldwin stated he believes it can lead the way in an integrated health and social care system of the future.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said: "We have increasing ill health, an ageing population and more treatments to keep us alive longer in a low growth economic situation."

Mr Baldwin stated there is therefore a need for "a real conversation" to be held with those who are involved in health and social care economics in order to put patients right at the centre of care pathways.

He added there is a desperate need for greater awareness of telecare services and predicted the rise of the technology could lead to a revolution in healthcare.

Some telecare services are provided by the NHS, with technology provided by the state including personal alarms and health-monitoring devices.

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