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Signs of dementia listed for loved ones

Signs of dementia listed for loved ones
12th February 2010

Dementia as a brain condition is one which shows a remarkable number of symptoms that ought to be learned by people to detect the key signs early, according to one expert.

HealthDay News relayed information by the American Academy of Family Physicians, who said that a person with dementia exhibits very specific traits, such as significant forgetfulness, such as when repeating a question many times without realising that it has already been asked.

Problems carrying out tasks that were once easily accomplished, including the cooking and serving of a meal, is another indicator, while difficulty speaking and communicating thoughts and emotions is also a notable trait.

Getting lost, having issues remembering or gauging the time and date as well as a lack of judgment and difficulty in processing more abstract concepts are also major issues with people who have dementia.

Earlier this month, scientists from the University of British Columbia found that marijuana has "no biological or behavioural effect on the established Alzheimer's disease model".

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