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Poor eyesight affects "millions" of pensioner's lifestyles

Poor eyesight affects
10th December 2007

Poor vision is putting millions of pensioners at risk of depression, according to new research.

Eyecare Trust and the Central (LOC) Fund's Sight after Sixty's report showed that one in three pensioners who regularly miss out on eye tests feel depressed and vulnerable due to their poor vision.

Despite over a quarter of those questioned saying that their vision hinders their lifestyle, more than 4 million over-60s miss out on NHS eye tests every year.

The main reason cited for not getting tested was fear that it will be expensive, despite the fact that eye tests are free for pensioners.

Research also showed that 75 per cent of elderly people who suffer a fall due to poor vision had an easily correctable condition.

Iain Anderson, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, said: "Good vision is so often a key factor in the elderly maintaining their dignity and independence.

"A simple eye examination could help improve the quality of life of millions of pensioners."

The report was produced as part of National Eye Week which aims to educate older people about the importance of eye care and the options available to them.

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