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Parkinson's disease charity joins fight against research cuts

Parkinson's disease charity joins fight against research cuts
8th October 2010

A leading Parkinson's disease charity is throwing its weight behind a campaign to prevent major cuts to public funding for scientific research.

The Science is Vital campaign already has over 20,000 signatories from scientists and other charities, and now Parkinson's UK has joined the protest.

Dr Kieran Breen, the charity's director of research, believes that government funding is vital to sustain the work of universities and hospitals, as well as the services provided by charities.

He also suggests that the UK has some of the best medical scientists in the world, but they may move away to better-equipped countries if cuts are made.

"We need to safeguard research funding in the UK – it is only by maintaining investment in Parkinson's research that we can find a cure," he said.

A recent scientific study found that a person's genetic make-up may determine whether or not caffeine can help to prevent the onset of Parkinson's disease.

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