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Obesity can lead to knee problems

Obesity can lead to knee problems
22nd December 2011

Obese people run a greater risk of knee problems, according to the Arthritic Association.

Following research stating that knee pain is common in middle-aged and mature women, Vivienne Coleman, programme manager at the Arthritic Association, explained that the risk of knee problems is compounded by obesity.

"The UK population is getting larger with more becoming overweight," she said. "Obesity can of course affect the knees, because more pressure is being put through them."

Studies have confirmed that obesity is a contributor to poor bone health and being overweight can cause joints to wear quicker.

Bones of those with high body fat are eight to nine per cent weaker than those with normal body fat.

However, injury can also contribute to knee complication, according to Ms Coleman, as it causes the body to go out of alignment.

This may result in hip and back problems as the body adapts to functionality complications.

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