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Keep on top of oral health

Keep on top of oral health
23rd May 2012

Oral health is often an indicator of other underlying problems in older adults and it is important for people to keep on top of their teeth and gums.

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith, founder of the London Smile Clinic (, explained: "It is imperative to have a good oral health routine for a number of reasons, but high on the list is to avoid gum disease.

"Gum disease can cause tooth loss, gum recession and even heart disease."

Consequently, it is vital to brush and floss teeth regularly to prevent plaque build-up and acid erosion.

However, older adults are reminded not to brush teeth too hard, as this can damage enamel and lead to sensitivity.

It is also important to brush along the gum line, refraining from scrubbing backwards and forwards too vigorously, Dr Bradstock-Smith advised.

Getting too carried away when brushing the gum line can damage the tissue and cause wear to teeth.

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