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Invest in improvements to make your home safer

Invest in improvements to make your home safer
25th May 2012

As people get older, homes can become hazards, with slip and trip risks everywhere, heavy objects, and shelves out of reach.

Consequently, to enable individuals to live independently for longer it is important to make slight improvements to the home to facilitate day-to-day activities.

Alison Wright, director of Easy Living Homes, explained that when it comes to investing in these modifications it is important not to scrimp and remember that they can also be stylish.

"Many people prefer to spend money on more beautiful products, such as good quality stainless steel grab rails for the shower or bathroom, rather than risk a fall, or wait for free grab rails from the local authority," she said.

Another great improvement is the addition of a wet room, as this avoids the risk of falling in the shower.

According to Ms Wright, attractive improvements such as these are also essential for selling on a property, as those homes adapted by local authorities automatically drop by one council tax band.

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