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How can you reduce your sugar consumption?

How can you reduce your sugar consumption?
12th October 2015

Sugar has been in the headlines a lot recently, and a new study released has pointed to further links between obesity and consuming a lot of sugar.

Research published in the journal Obesity recently showed that the health of a group of obese children rapidly improved with sugar reduction. This included improvements in metabolism and blood pressure.

Commenting on the results, Tracy Parker, Heart Health Dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said that there is growing evidence that eating too much sugar can lead to an increased risk of developing various diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Ms Parker recommended cutting down on food and drink which contains added sugar and paying attention to the dietary information labels. She advised: “Replace sugary drinks with water or sugar-free versions and instead of sweets, biscuits and chocolate, try healthier alternatives like fresh fruit and vegetables, unsalted nuts and seeds and plain popcorn.”