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Good posture and treatment are vital to combat back pain

Good posture and treatment are vital to combat back pain
3rd January 2012

Experts are stressing the importance of good posture and the correct treatment to combat back pain.

Many older adults experience back problems in later life and often have decreased mobility and quality of life as a result of the condition.

Adam Dallison, registered osteopath and inventor of PosturePlast, advises that stopping slouching and having access to the correct treatment is vital for those looking to manage troublesome back pain.

"When you slouch, you are stretching the ligaments in the spine, resulting in them not being able to function correctly," he explained.

Ligaments bind bones together and limit movement, but slouching causes muscles to take over the role normally undertaken by ligaments.

This causes fatigue and puts discs in the lower back under stress.

If older adults experience back pain, they should first consul their general practitioner, according to Mr Dallison.

Doctors will often prescribe pain killers and gentle movement, followed by NHS physiotherapy if the pain persists.

In the private sector, patients can also access osteopathy and treatment from chiropractors, who both carry out spinal manipulation.

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