Is stress keeping you awake?

Is stress keeping you awake?

Older adults across the country could be struggling to sleep because of elevated stress levels, according to one industry expert.

Andrew Johnson, relaxation coach, explained that many people are unable to sleep because they cannot switch off and relax.

"Two-thirds of adults have sleeping problems in one form or another," he said.  "It is very difficult for people who are on the go all day and don't have time to stop and process their thoughts, then to go to bed at night and switch off those thoughts."

Consequently, many older adults are left awake at night worrying about their finances, health and family members, when they should be asleep.

This is compounded by a person's constant bombardment with information, Mr Johnson explains.

People are continually distracted by the TV, radio, internet and mobile phones and thus do not have a quiet moment during the day to process life's stresses. Thus, this gets pushed back to the end of the day before people go to sleep, causing undue stress.

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