Parkinson's patient writes book about disease

Parkinson's patient writes book about disease

A woman who has lived with Parkinson's disease for 12 years has written a book detailing her struggles with the condition.

Terry Rummins began penning So I've Got Parkinson's Disease in 2008, when it became clear she could no longer continue her career as a psychologist, This is Local London reports.

The book details how she has deals with the disease on a daily basis and reveals how she achieved a better understanding of herself and the condition.

"I can go from being a shaking, wobbling mess, not being able to walk anywhere without bumping into anything in site, to being relatively normal in ten minutes," Ms Rummins explained.

She says people who have read the book say it has given them a greater insight into Parkinson's and the way it affects patients.

Ms Rummins has included anecdotes such as her difficulty in putting on tights and inability to peel a potato.

The book has been illustrated by her husband Jack, who also acts as Ms Rummins' carer.

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