Parkinson's disease charity submits petition for better care

Parkinson's disease charity submits petition for better care

A leading Parkinson's disease charity has handed the government a petition seeking fair treatment for people living with the condition.

Parkinson's UK wants care services minister Paul Burstow to ensure that people with the disease get fair access to treatment and services that allow them to lead lives which are as close to normal as possible.

The charity wants the government to formulate a national framework with guidance for Parkinson's disease treatment, to ensure no-one is left behind.

Mr Burstow welcomed the receipt of the Fair Care for Parkinson's petition, which had been signed by over 14,000 supporters.

He said: "We need to make sure that people with Parkinson's aren't solely defined by their Parkinson's – that they are human beings first.

"They need the proper support to be able to lead lives as rich as anyone else, because that's what anyone deserves."

The Department of Health recently announced that by 2013, adults will receive their own budgets to allow them to organise their care and support services themselves, according to their needs.

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