Older people 'becoming more health conscious'

Older people 'becoming more health conscious'

Older people are becoming more health conscious, according to one expert, indicating they may not need to find a care home until they are older.

Nancy Morse, senior scientific officer at fatty acid specialists Efamol said that people over 50 are now more health conscious "than ever before".

She continued that older people should set a mental challenge every day to maintain optimum mental health, suggesting a crossword, quiz game, Sudoku or book as possible tasks.

"In order to function properly, the brain relies on oxygen that is carried in the blood, so regular walks in the fresh air and light outdoor exercise will all help boost your oxygen supply," continued Ms Morse.

This follows research by Omega 3 fish oil supplement Efalex Active 50+ which found that almost three quarters of over-50s say they have regular short-term memory issues.

Additionally, people in this age group were seen to be worrying about their general health more than any other single issue including money and their families' welfare.

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