Older adults 'could welcome robot help'

Older adults 'could welcome robot help'

New research has found that older adults would welcome robots into their homes to help provide them with help and support.

A study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology found older adults would accept the help of robots, unless it was with personal care or social activities.

Georgia Tech's Cory-Ann Smarr is set to present the results this week at the Human Factors Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting in Boston and the School of Psychology graduate teaching assistant stated it is a misconception that older adults are against the use of robots in the home.

"The people we interviewed were very enthusiastic and optimistic about robots in their daily lives. They were also very particular in their preferences," she said.

Professor Wendy Rogers, the principal investigator on the project, added older adults would be happy to accept reminders from robots for them to take medication.

Although technological advances are needed before robots in the home is a reality, it is believed this could happen in the future.

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