MS Society is to stop providing direct respite care

MS Society is to stop providing direct respite care

The UK's leading multiple sclerosis charity has announced that it will no longer be directly providing residential respite care.

After a year-long consultation process which sought the views of more than 1,600 people living with the condition and their carers, the MS Society's Board of Trustees made its decision.

Instead, the charity will shift its focus to a more personalised system of support, which it claims will provide more people with additional choice and control.

The MS Society is keen to point out that many people they spoke to rated the standard of respite care received at the group's homes as very good, but an overwhelming number wanted to see a more individual service.

Plans are now being drawn up to transfer the services of the MS Society's care centres in York, Leamington Spa and Horley in Surrey to another care provider.

Multiple sclerosis is caused by damage to myelin, which is a protective sheath surrounding the central nervous system.

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