Mobile application 'will help Alzheimer's patients'

Mobile application 'will help Alzheimer's patients'

Experts in the US are developing a smartphone app that they say will be able to assist Alzheimer's patients and their relatives.

The team, based at the University of Utah, have just been awarded $250,000 (£155,000) in funding from the National Institute of Health and will be entitled to a further million from the US government if it meets development targets.

Norman Foster, director of the Centre for Alzheimer’s Care, Imaging and Research at the university hopes the app will act as an "expert" that patients and relatives can keep in their pocket.

He said: "What we hope to accomplish is reaching patients even before they seek medical advice."

The team expects the app to be of interest to people who believe they may develop Alzheimer's but are not yet displaying symptoms, those who are showing signs of the disease and are unsure what to do next and those who have sought professional help and wish to check the advice they are receiving is accurate.

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