Govt responds to charity's MS demands

Govt responds to charity's MS demands

The government has responded to a national charity's call for better care to be provided for people with multiple sclerosis.

In the build-up to the election, the MS Society released its pledge manifesto, which called on authorities to extend personal budgets and ensure that people living with the condition get access to all the support, drugs and disability equipment that they need.

Now the government has responded, saying that it supports the pledges and will do all it can to ensure that they are fulfilled.

The MS Society has of course welcomed the news, but insists that the government must continue to engage specialist charities in order to create a system that works.

Laura Weir, MS Society's head of policy and campaigns, said: "The Government's response is encouraging, but the only way they can deliver on their promise is through a co-ordinated approach with the third sector."

Multiple sclerosis is caused by damage to myelin, the protective sheath that coats fibres in the central nervous system.

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