Good night's sleep 'vital' to health

Good night's sleep 'vital' to health

Getting a good night's sleep is important to maintain mental and physical health, which could lessen the dependence of some older people on assisted living.

Dr Dan Robotham, research officer at the Mental Health Foundation, said that we need sleep as much as we need to eat, drink and breathe.

He continued that lack of sleep can put you at an increased risk of suffering from depression and anxiety, developing immune deficiency and heart disease.

"Far from being a minor concern, poor sleep can have a major impact on our mental wellbeing and day-to-day lives, with sleep playing a vital role in our relationships, our mood and our ability to concentrate," explained Mr Robotham.

This follows research by the Mental Health Foundation which revealed that more than 30 per cent of the population has insomnia or another sleeping disorder.

The Mental Health Awareness Week this year is centring round the theme of sleep.

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