Eat well to preserve oral health, expert advises

Eat well to preserve oral health, expert advises

Older people using assisted living who are eager to protect their teeth can do so by avoiding certain foods, one expert has noted.

Dr Pravesh Solanki, from, said that avoiding sugary snacks and fizzy drinks is important for preserving oral health, as these cause the most harm.

In addition, green tea contains antioxidants which reduce the build up of plaque, while milk and yoghurt contain low acidity, making them good for teeth.

Milk is particularly conducive to oral health, as it is a good source of calcium, which makes up bones and teeth.

This follows comments by Richard Colwill, spokesman for SANE, who said that people with depression and other mental health problems may need help when it comes to leading a healthy life.

He explained that people with depression are unlikely to have any interest in diet and exercise regimes and so will need support to live healthily.

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