Does knitting have therapeutic benefits?

Does knitting have therapeutic benefits?

Knitting has been a favourite pastime for many Britons over the centuries and according to one expert it comes with significant benefits.

Hilary Bruffell, co-founder of, claims that knitting has therapeutic benefits by "encouraging people to set up groups, take courses and generally have a go at making things."

This is particularly beneficial for older adults, who often develop depression as a result of social isolation and feeling disengaged and useless.

Research by the Campaign to End Loneliness previously found that half of the UK's over-65s consider the television to be their main source of company.

This indicates the depth of loneliness in society and the need to bring about positive change.

Laura Ferguson, director of the campaign, claims that the isolation of older adults is a real "public health issue", with many falling or becoming ill each year because they have no one to look after them.

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