Carers 'need help and support' to avoid feeling isolated

Carers 'need help and support' to avoid feeling isolated

Many carers looking after elderly or ill loved-ones are left feeling alone and isolated, it has been claimed.

According to a recent survey by Carers Week, 76 per cent of these care-givers claim they do not have a life outside of their caring role, have lost contact with their friends or family members.

Reacting to the survey, the charity's PR manager Sarah Ross said the group is constantly being told by carers that they need more help, guidance and funding for respite care.

She went on to explain: "It can be very difficult for carers to get a break.

"A tiny minority of carers get funding for breaks through the NHS and social services, but sadly this is rare."

The survey was commissioned as part of Carers Week 2010, which Ms Ross hopes will raise awareness and improve conditions for the six million carers in the UK.

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