Hurstwood View Care Home Solar Panel Installation

Hurstwood View Care Home Goes Green

In a significant step towards sustainable living, Hurstwood View Care Home in Uckfield has recently finished it's solar panel installation as part of our continued commitment to move towards greener technologies.

The installation of solar panels is a testament to Hurstwood View’s own commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing renewable energy. The solar panels will harness the power of the sun to generate electricity, significantly reducing the home’s reliance on traditional energy sources. This move not only makes the care home more self-sufficient but also contributes to the broader fight against climate change. The installation is due to offset carbon dioxide emissions at the site, which will be the equivalent of planting 1,119 trees. 

The installation is part of the 37 planned installations throughout 2024, with an estimated 4,767 solar panels to be installed, which is to offset the equivalent carbon dioxide emissions as planting over 17,000 trees. Joe Rippon, our Energy and Environment Manager said: “It’s exciting to see all of the changes taking effect in our homes and the massive benefits to our energy efficiency each change brings.''

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