Let's get together: Socialising and group hobbies

Socialising is an important part of any individual's life, and feeling connected to others can make an individual feel as though they have a support network they can turn to if they ever need it. Social events can be one of the only opportunities where people who live by themselves get to see others, apart from maybe their doctor.

Maintaining social ties becomes an even more essential part of life as we age. There are various health benefits to having friends and taking part in group activities, including a reduction of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and stress.

For older people, there may be limited opportunities for them to socialise and communicate with others. Age UK research shows that 3.6 million older people in the UK live alone and more than two million of these are over the age of 75. This can have a huge impact on someone's mental wellbeing, with 1.9 million older people often feeling neglected or ignored.

Whether a person is living independently or require some element of care support, keeping an active social life is one of the best ways to combat the health concerns associated with being lonely.

Group hobbies or activities can be a fantastic way to socialise in a non-intimidating environment. It's normal for everyone to feel nervous when they are meeting new people for the first time, and this only gets worse if you're used to spending time on your own. So having a shared interest or activity to focus on can take some of the pressure off everyone involved.

Social activities are now an important part of elderly care, as well as maintaining their physical and mental health.

Many of our Barchester care homes organise group sessions as part of the support they offer, allowing residents and people living in the community to meet new people and connect. There is always a wide programme of activities on offer, so no matter the ability level or interests are, there is plenty of choice for everyone to feel welcome.

For those that want to keep the grey matter active, quizzes are one of the most popular events, while those who are more creative might benefit from art or music sessions. There are plenty of stimulating activities that take place in our Barchester homes that encourage social interactions such as gardening or photography. 

Our homes encourage lots of group games and activities, including quizzes, bingo, creative artistry sessions and lots of sing-a-longs! Many of the games are built to support those with visual and physical impairments, with larger game pieces, large-font writing, and bigger boards to play on so everyone can join in.

For more information on what social activities are taking place in your local Barchester care home, please click here.

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