Improve your memory with these easy tips

The truth of the matter is that as we get older, our cognitive skills start to decline. However it’s never too late to try and improve your memory and keep your brain healthy by following a few simple exercises.

Card Games

Card games are perfect for this type of task, whether it be a very simple game of snap or UNO or a more complicated game of Bridge or Poker. These keep your mind active and engage your memory as you play. The best part of this activity is actually engaging your memory to remember the rules.

Memory Games

Our brain is much like a muscle, therefore exercise makes it more efficient and able to perform better. Playing easy or hard games to engage your memory such as a game of memory is perfect. You can easily play this with an ‘old fashioned’ deck of cards or if you are more technologically advanced there are versions of the game you can play online or on a tablet.

Drink Green Tea

Antioxidants are perfect to protect against free radicals - which can cause damage to your brain cells. Green tea is known to contain a high amount of helpful antioxidants.

Drinking green tea regularly can help your memory and slow down its decline and the ageing of the brain. It is also a very helpful in aiding your digestion, so we suggest you drink it during your meals.

Eat ‘Brainy’ Foods

Food rich in omega-3 is perfect for your brain. Remember to have a regular intake of this useful substance through eating fish and vegetables. Some of the fish that contain the most omega-3 are salmon, tuna and mackerel. Omega-3 can be found in vegetables too, so be sure to include spinach, broccoli and soy-beans in your diet.

Omega-3 is a fatty acid and it reduces mental decline and assists neurological brain functions.

Learn New Skills

Whether it’s learning a new instrument, language or skill - taking up different activities is a great way to improve your memory and help your brain stay active.

The added benefit of learning new skills is meeting new people. Social interaction is also another great way of keeping your brain active and engaging your memory.

These are just some of the things you can do to keep your memory active and your brain engaged to prevent an early neurological decline. Exploring new things and being active are extremely important during older age so make sure you follow a healthy diet and tick some of these tips off.