Furniture you should consider when choosing home care

When it comes to furniture for older people there some important considerations to be made. Furnishing your home for home care is not simply about the aesthetics, though decorating the environment even slightly can improve moral and set the tone in your home ensuring you are comfortable. Furniture has to be fully functional and able to remain that way over a long period with minimal maintenance.

You should consider certain requirements that differ from the traditional method of choosing your furniture.


The mobility of furniture can be of vital importance when it comes to home care. Reclining chairs are the best solution, as they will allow you to sit down and rise comfortably without applying any extra pressure on joints and bones. Another option are chairs with added structure to offer extra support while sitting.

Safety and ease of use

Doors and draws may need modifying to aid older people and make them easier to use, such as making the furniture from lighter materials both to help the movement when it need be or even everyday use. A wise choice could also be rounded corners on certain pieces of furniture likely to be in one’s path.


Cleaning the furniture is essential when it comes to older people. Living in a clean environment can prevent infections and diseases. Some furnishings come in fabrics with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. These fabrics generally are less prone to staining and easier to clean.


Home care furniture needs to be able to withstand a fair deal of wear and tear, such as continuous use and even cleaning or moving it around. Durability should be considered as one of the priorities.

These are just some of the tips we have come up with when it comes to choosing the correct type of furniture for home care to make your home as comfortable and secure as possible. To find out more and download our guides follow the link to our help and advice page.