Day in the life of an Activities Coordinator in a Care Home

Working in a care home or nursing home can be one of the most rewarding jobs you'll ever have. At Barchester, we believe encouraging our clients to be as active as possible is a key part of maintaining good physical and mental wellbeing.

But what's it really like to be an Activities Coordinator at our homes?


As soon as I get to the home, I get talking with the other Activities Coordinator about today's schedule and what residents will be involved. We work closely the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) to make sure the activities we provide are suitable, but also that they offer the right level of physical and mental stimulation.

We look at each of the residents who are participating to see whether there are any adjustments we need to make to help them get the most out of today's sessions. Although we want to encourage our residents to push themselves, it's essential that they don't feel uncomfortable at any time.

There is always someone at every activity that has been DBS checked to safeguard our residents. The dignity of our residents and our respect for them is at the centre of everything we do at our homes and especially in the activities department.

After reviewing the schedule, and making a couple of adjustments, I head into the main room and enjoy a cup of tea with two residents that will be in the crafting session this afternoon.


We have a couple of residents coming in for respite care so our exercise class is a little busier than usual, but everyone gets involved and has a good a time. One of the nicest parts of being an Activities Coordinator is seeing how welcoming our residents are to people coming from the community. They really do feel proud of our home and feel like it's theirs, which is lovely to see.

After the session has come to a close, everyone heads inside to get ready for lunch. There's a fantastic choice, the only problem I have is making a decision.


The crafting session is a great success and the residents are happy with their results. Our home is hosting an Afternoon Tea as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations and a lot of the residents' families have come along, as well as people from the community.

There's a fantastic atmosphere, as residents introduce their families to people in the home and the cakes are going down a treat. The information hub is also proving to be a great success, with many people looking at the different elderly care options available and the kind of specialist services out there.

Heading home

One of the resident's families brought her flowers during their visit, but her arthritis makes it difficult to cut and arrange the stems. We team up and I cut the bottoms off the stems and she divides them into two vases and puts them as she wants them.

A few of the residents are taking part in a news quiz, which is a great way for us all to keep in touch with recent events, and a lot of fun. It can be quite surprising to see how competitive people get, and the quiet ones really come out of their shell.

Tomorrow we're doing a trip to one of the local cafes, which is right next to a canal, and is very popular so I go to the office before the final results are in. There's a few things I need to finalise before heading off for the day, so I talk them through with the staff that are coming with us. After I've made sure all the preparations are in place, I say my goodbyes and drive home.

Finding the right care

A care home may not always be the best option for you or your loved one. Choosing the right place is a key part of ensuring a smooth transition into a new home. We're committed to finding the best elderly care environment for older people to ensure they can enjoy the greatest quality of life.