The best apps for the older generation

When it comes to getting your first tablet – iPad or otherwise – it can be a hard task trying to find what apps you need to download. What are essential, and will they work for me?

Fear not. We’ve compiled the best apps you need for your new tablet here.


Communication Tool – Free

This free app is perfect for people with dementia. It contains over 500 pictures that can help those suffering with dementia to help communicate more easily, and they can also use the pictures for reminiscence exercises and memory prompts. You can even add your own pictures to serve as prompts.

Pill Reminder Pro - £0.69

This is one of the best apps around. Those of us who are on several medications can often find it hard to remember what pills to take and when, but this app removes all the hassle. Once you enter how many pills to take and when, the app will remind you to take the right pills at the right time. You can even label the pills with their name, so you know which ones you’re looking for.


Dragon Dictation – Free

This app lets you dictate your text and then send it as an email message. It can also help dictate reminders, as well as posts on Twitter and Facebook. No more fiddling with buttons on keyboards.


Skype – Free

Skype can be an essential tool for helping us stay connected with those we love. You can video call with family members and friends, but Skype also allows plain text messaging too.

Facebook – Free

Facebook is also a great communication tool to help keep in touch with family and friends, as well as other acquaintances. It’s also great for sharing photos and video updates.


Monument Valley - £2.99

Voted one of the best iPad games of 2014, this puzzle game is sure to test your logic skills, as well as your imagination. Perfect for keeping the mind active.

Scrabble - £4.99

The scrabble app takes the board game to the next level – and you don’t have to convince anyone to play with you. You can play online against strangers, or even versus family and friends over long distances.

Harbor Master HD – Free

Another excellent logic puzzle that’s guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. Guide boats into the colour-coded docks


BBC iPlayer – Free

This is perfect for your iPad, allowing you to watch any TV programmes you might have missed without having to fight for the remote.

Kindle – Free

Kindle is the perfect eBook app for iPad, Android or iPhone. Whilst the app itself is free, the books do cost money. However, Kindle do have a range of free books. It also syncs across all your devices, allowing you to keep your place no matter where you’re reading it.

Instapaper - £2.99

Instapaper allows you to catch up on any newspapers you may have missed during the week. It even allows you to save specific articles and read them for later. 

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