Be more social during older age

Getting back into a social circle after you have been out of one for quite a while due to various reasons can be hard and at times stressful. Today we will take you 5 ways to get back out there and socialise.

1. Build Confidence

If you have been out of socialising for a while now, it can be hard to remember what is so great about you and why people like you. Remind yourself of these aspects by creating a list. This will help build up your confidence. If you can’t think of anything, try asking a family member, they will certainly give you some ideas and serve as a reminder.

2. Stop thinking negatively

Anxiety can play quite a big role in socialising, the reality thought is that it is never as bad as it may seem played out in your head.

Try breathing deeply and repeat to yourself that all will be OK. Avoidance can build up feeling of anxiety and make each time and attempt that much harder, so be brave and try putting yourself out there.

3. Practice Online

Social media is an amazing invention and can serve as the perfect practice ground to build up your confidence. It’s also great as you can connect with people in your locality and with the same interests.

There are many groups that organise local events for people that are like-minded and are a good way of turning online friendships into offline ones.

4. Small Talk

Small talk is always difficult, no matter how long you practice and how used to it you are, but you can still try it out on family members in person or over the phone.

5. Positivity

This is possible the most important of the list. Everyone likes a positive person, and why not try using gratitude. Being grateful for things in life can help you feel more positive. A good way of having a positive attitude is by staying active and exercising regularly as this can affect your mood more than one may think.

Socialising after a long time out can be very daunting and difficult at first but the key is not giving up.