All you need to know about Independent Living

Living in an Independent Living property at Rayner Court allows you to take advantage of the additional services available on-site. The major advantages are the availability of a menu of services including household chores, catering, laundry and personal care, as well as an opportunity to enjoy the social activities in the community.

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living is a philosophy that promotes independence, friendships, activities and well-being. It is the ideal combination of having your own safe and secure home but with the reassurance that care and support is available should you require it. By providing some support or assistance with activities of daily living, people who are finding it difficult to live completely independently or are planning for the future, are able to enjoy prolonged independence in a safe, caring, socially active and supportive setting.

Do people own their own properties?

You will be able to purchase the properties (125-year leasehold), meaning you retain equity and reduce outgoings.

Would pets be allowed?

Pets are allowed within reason and upon prior agreement with us. Pets requiring outdoor space such as cats and dogs are limited to the ground floor properties.

What if I have a car, can I park it on site?

There is car parking on site.

What happens if my circumstances change and I need increased care and support?

As much as possible we will provide care in your home through our care team based at Red Oaks Care Home. With regular well-being assessments we have the ability to tailor care plans to suit your individual needs. If your health deteriorated and the level of care available was insufficient to support you remaining in your own property, preferential access to the nursing home is given. Some people may only require this transition on a temporary basis and are then able to return to their own property.