Magic Table

Bringing a bit of magic to those living with dementia

At Barchester, we are always looking for ways to improve our residents' quality of life. This is why we have introduced a Magic Table to many of our care homes - offering opportunities for those living with dementia to increase physical and social interactions and, most of all, have fun.

The Magic Table is an interactive light projector that was originally developed in The Netherlands. It's a specialist piece of technology designed to support residents living with dementia, and is proven to help staff promote stimulation through specialised games.

The colourful light projections respond to hand and arm movements, enabling residents to play with the light itself, increasing both movement and stimulation.

Some of the key benefits for our residents include:​

  • Positive effect upon well-being by improving mood, reducing apathy and restlessness, as well as increasing engagement levels
  • Improved engagement during family visits 
  • Improved relationships between staff and residents by facilitating playful activities
  • Increased interaction between residents
  • Increased physical and social activity
  • Increased positive emotion

Please click here to search for your local Barchester care home to see if they have recently had a Magic Table installed.