Tell Barchester Survey

To read the letter that was sent to friends and family of those living in our care homes, please click here.

To read the letter that was sent to friends and family of those living in our hospitals, please click here.

At Barchester we take our responsibility of offering the best quality of care very seriously, and always look to do our best to support families and care for residents and patients in a way that helps them “Celebrate Life”. We also know that it’s really important that we listen to you, our customers, to help us to keep improving. That’s why we ask all of our residents and patients and their loved ones to share their views using our “Tell Barchester” satisfaction survey.

The survey gives our residents, patients and their family members or friends an opportunity to tell us how they feel about the experience they and their loved ones are having in the home/hospital and the feedback we receive will help us to understand how well we’re delivering against expectations, and what we may need to improve. The survey is offered through an online website and residents, patients and their family & friends can either complete the survey in their own time using their own technology or be supported to so within the home/hospital.

There are approximately 20 questions to answer about the things we believe are most important to you. Our aim is to make it easy and simple to score each question and there’s space for further comments. It’s really important to us to hear honest views so we ask residents, patients and their family and friends to feel free to be honest and confirm that answers can remain confidential if they wish. You can find out more about our privacy policy at

We listen to all the feedback we receive and respond to let our customers know we care and want to help them have a great experience. Compliments we receive are shared with the team member or whole team involved. Where there is something not quite right, or someone lets us know about elements that need to improve, we’ll create action plans and let residents and relatives know how we are improving using “You Said, We Did” posters through the home/hospital. If residents, patients or their loved ones want to discuss any urgent concerns, we explain how they can contact the General Manager/Hospital Director at the service through our open-door policy and regular resident and relative meetings. This provides all residents, patients and their loved ones the opportunity to feed in ideas, suggestions and give feedback to the home/hospital.

We’re confident that “Tell Barchester” gives our residents, patients and their family & friends another opportunity to be heard and will continue to drive excellence and quality care across all of our homes and hospitals at Barchester Healthcare. Please take this chance to tell us how we can improve things for you.