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Running is great for everyone, fitness expert claims

Running is great for everyone, fitness expert claims
31st January 2012

Older adults looking to get fit should consider running, according to one expert.

Although it is important to check with a doctor first, especially if you have health problems, "anyone of any age and ability can run," Laura Williams, a diet and fitness expert, claims.

"It's probably the most accessible, user-friendly exercise going," she said. "You don't have to have any natural talent to run."

What's more, there are no gym fees and it is incredibly time efficient, as you can run at any time of the day.

For somebody with low fitness levels, Ms Williams recommends interspersing jogging with walking to begin with.

Difficulty can then be increased as the body gets used to the exercise.

With exercise believed to reduce pain in older adults, running may be a great preventative measure for many people.

Additionally, it is a brilliant cardiovascular exercise that helps to keep blood pumping around the body.

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