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Good nutrition 'important in care homes'

Good nutrition 'important in care homes'
3rd February 2011

Good nutrition and hydration should be promoted in care homes, one expert has said.

Daniel Blake, policy development manager at Action on Elder Abuse said that it is important for care homes to provide good quality food for their inhabitants.

"In terms of both hydration and nutrition, there needs to be a joint statement of agreed principles in people's care plan. The importance of decent care plans is absolutely essential," he said.

This comes after news that a brisk walk can improve memory in older people.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and University of Illinois found that aerobic exercise increased the size of the memory section of the brain in older people who took brisk walks three times a week for a year.

A group who did stretching and toning exercise, on the other hand, experienced a reduction of the size of the hippocampus as is commonly seen in older people.

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