Two Barchester Homes in Wimbledon care to share

Department of Health’s Glen Mason accompanied Chinese researchers around two Barchester care homes in Wimbledon to support a project they are involved with to help improve the care system in China.

Staff from Queens Court and Wimbledon Beaumont were happy to help the guests understand more about how personalised care for older people is delivered in high-quality environments in the UK and also discussed the need for meaningful activity to promote individuals’ well-being.

Dr. Yung who is based in Hong Kong and Jiahui Zhang who works at the Development Research Center of the State Council, P. R. of China, said they were impressed with what they heard and saw.

The Chinese researchers are gathering information about the history of the care system in different countries, including Sweden, US, Japan, Italy and the UK. They were more than happy to share information of how the care system is developing in their country.

Dr Terry Tucker, Director of Learning and Development, said: “We were more than happy to speak to our overseas visitors about the type of demand and care services that we experience throughout our care homes in the UK.

“China has a huge population that is split over a vast area and has different challenges to those we face in the UK. However, we do have common ground and are happy to share our knowledge, especially  when it comes to improving the understanding about individuals living with dementia and the quality of care we deliver through first-class training.”