Santa helps juniper house grant holiday to young family for half-term

Staff and friends of Juniper House care home, in Brackley, gave a former resident’s wife and young daughters a special Christmas present this year - a holiday at Centre Parcs in February half-term.  The gift was arranged to help them through their first tough Christmas without devoted husband and father, Philip Eaves.

The carers and nurses at Juniper House cared for Philip during most of 2013, as he struggled against a rare and debilitating condition, and sadly passed away in September.

The Eaves family quickly became part of close knit Juniper House care home, and everyone looked forward to daily visits from wife Jill and daughters Kate, 7, and Molly, 9. The two girls’ strength and bravery throughout last year impressed everyone at the home.

Sally Matthews, Home Services Advisor at Juniper House, said: “Everyone at Juniper House felt privileged to care for Philip and his lovely family.  I was approached by all the teams at the home who wanted to arrange a holiday for Jill and the girls to look forward to after Christmas. We were fortunate to find two great charities that made the dream come true just in time.

“We pulled some strings and arranged for the big man at the North Pole to place the mystery gift under the girls’ Christmas tree with a special note that said an all expenses paid holiday to Centre Parcs was arranged for them during February half-term.”

Jill came to collect the cheque from Juniper House care home and said the girls were very excited about their trip to Centre Parcs and were already planning the activities they wanted to try.  A couple of Jill’s friends have also signed up to the holiday to give her some extra support and a real break.