Caring Cyd McCarthy-Akrill to receive MBE

Cyd McCarthy-Akrill, who managed Barchester’s Castle Care Village for 4 years, is to be awarded an MBE for services to people with learning disabilities and complex needs in Hull and Yorkshire.

Cyd was nominated for her work at The Castle Care Village, where she worked hard to improve the lives of the people living there, as well as her charitable work within the wider community.

She is absolutely delighted to be on this year’s New Year Honours list, saying: “I was in a state of shock when I found out. I couldn’t believe it – I thought – it can’t be for me, this must be some kind of scam!”

She added: “This MBE isn’t just for me, it’s for Yorkshire and the whole team I worked with.”

After receiving a letter to say she would be made an MBE she found out that the nomination for her had included statements from colleagues, other volunteers, people she cared for and their relatives, who all thought she was deserving of recognition for her excellent work.

Cyd said: “One of the people who wrote a nomination for me was a lady I cared for, who sadly died the day I found about the MBE. I’m upset that I wasn’t able to share the news with her before she passed away because I know how much she had wanted me to get it, but I’m happy that her nomination had the impact she had hoped for.”

When asked about her work at Castle Care Village, she said:  “One of the biggest things I did at Barchester was the End of Life Pilot Scheme which aimed to help people spend their final days where they choose. It’s really important work and we saw huge benefits for a diverse group of people. For example, moving a person with a condition such as autism to a different location can cause extreme distress so allowing them to receive end of life care where they live can make a big difference.”

Many of the nominations praised Cyd for her charitable work as well as her professional work. Cyd said: “I try to help charities as much as I can and take part in loads of different fundraising activities. I think it’s important to do whatever you can… If everybody did one nice thing a day, the world would be a much better place!”

Gary Jackson, a police inspector and volunteer (winner of Barchester Volunteer of the Year 2014), is one of the people who helped nominate Cyd for the MBE. Gary said: “Cyd got me involved with Barchester 14 years ago when she encouraged me to start volunteering at the Castles Care Village. When volunteering at the Castles I saw the fantastic relationship Cyd had with staff and residents. She gives so much personally and isn’t worried about whether or not it’s noticed – she just does it because she cares.”

Gary worked with Cyd on numerous fundraising projects, raising money for charities such as Barchester’s Charitable Foundation and Hull and East Riding Institute of the Blind. He added: “If I hold a charity event, she’ll always offer to help out or even buy prizes for the raffle with her own money.”

Professor Trish Morris-Thompson, Director of Quality and Clinical Governance at Barchester Healthcare said: “I am delighted that Cyd has been recognised in the New Years Honours.

Her dedication commitment and passion for her residents and citizens has often taken her beyond the call of duty. Cyd is an excellent role model and a fantastic ambassador for Social care.”