Barchester's Charitable Foundation launches new website

Barchester’s Charitable Foundation supports older people and other adults with a disability by giving grants of up to £5,000 to help promote personal independence, dignity and quality of life.

The Foundation has launched a new mobile-friendly website to give information about the charity, who they help and how they help. There is also a section about how to get involved in fundraising for the charity and a link for anyone who wishes to donate.

The new website makes it easy for anyone who would like to apply for a grant. The ‘Apply for a grant’ section of the website gives useful information for individuals and groups who are in need of a grant and makes applying an easy and straightforward process.

The Foundation is grateful to the generosity and superb creative work of Fluid Design, who created the new and improved website for the charity.

Visit the new website to see the new design, read the latest news and browse all other content: