Barchester certified as one of the top employers of the UK 2014

Barchester Healthcare is proud to announce that it has been officially certified by the Top Employers Institute for its exceptional employee offerings.

The Top Employers Institute globally certifies excellence in the conditions and development opportunities that employers create for their people. Barchester is one of the select organisations to achieve the Top Employers United Kingdom 2014 certification and delighted to be officially recognised as a leading employer.

Crucial to the Top Employers process is that participating companies must complete a stringent research process and meet the required high standard in order to achieve the certification. To further reinforce the validity of the process, all answers were independently audited, meaning this research has verified Barchester's outstanding employee conditions and earned them a coveted spot among a choice group of certified Top Employers.

The Top Employers Institute assessed Barchester's employee offerings on the following criteria:

  • Primary Benefits
  • Secondary Benefits and Working Conditions
  • Training and Development
  • Career Development
  • Culture Management

Eleanor Nickerson, Manager of UK Operations for Top Employers Institute: “In 2013 we’ve seen trends of the last couple of years starting to come to fruition with many Top Employers starting to reap the results from the coaching, mentoring, and apprenticeship programmes they’ve implemented.

“We’re seeing a heavier focus on succession planning, in particular with companies developing their current and future leadership. Many of our certified companies have developed creative and inclusive leadership programmes that help to develop their top talent and ensure that it’s a win-win situation – you have engaged employees who have an exciting and rewarding career path ahead of them, and organisations with talented, long-term leadership that’s aligned with their business.”

Jeremy Colman, HR Director at Barchester, said " We are delighted to have achieved certification for the third time on the Top Employers list. The feedback we receive helps us focus our efforts on improving our employee offering and the cross-company benchmarking offered is a really valuable way to share best practice."